What is the easiest and best way to recycle old fabric?



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    You can use old fabric for a variety of things if you feel like getting crafty. Depending and the amount and size of the fabric you can make quilts, rags, potholders, or pillows. You can even sew together several random pieces to create you own fabric. I often use top sheets to make curtains, or Halloween costumes for the kids. Check out the link below for a list of different old fabric creations.

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    You can recycle fabric in a number of ways. You can get them all together to make a funky quilt or curtain, you could also make some pillows or coasters!

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    If you don’t personally want to spend the time and energy getting crafty with old fabric, check with your local quilt shop.  They will be able to tell you how to contact quilt guilds that will accept your donation gladly.  They make warm blankets for the needy.  They also make quilts to raffle off as a fundraiser to support various good causes.  Goodwill will accept the donation, too.

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