What do you think makes people want to be green?



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    George Carlin once said that the environment is fine. He said the whole scare about destroying the Earth is made believe because the Earth is fine. Then he said, it’s us that is in trouble (numerous expletives removed). His point, ultimately, is that the Earth has been around a lot longer than we have and has seen some pretty horrendous times, such as asteroids coming down and destroying the majority of life here, but it recovered. The need to “think green” is not a matter of preserving the environment, but preserving an environment in which humans can survive. Environmentalism, initially grew out of a need to rethink how we treat our surroundings so that we can continue to use and enjoy it. Ultimately, people want to be “green” to save themselves, their loved ones, and their future.

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    Pressure from environmentalist marketing may cause some people to want to make a contribution to the green movement. The media is almost saturated with messages about going green, and some consumers may feel guilty if they do not make any changes to their lifestyle to support the environment. Regardless of the reasoning, it is tough to argue that a green lifestyle is bad, because in most cases people who make eco-friendly choices end up living healthier and wasting less.

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    Being green is now a national trend thanks to the media and celebrity influences. For example, many eco-friendly brands are wanting celebrities to get their pictures taken wearing or using their products. This makes the public want to buy these products as well; it’s a great marketing technique. While it’s great that more eco-awareness is out there in the world, it’s also important that people understand what it means to be green. Hopefully this trend lasts and doesn’t blow over like past ones. 

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    I think the ease of access to technology (and therefore resources) that people have in today’s society has greatly impacted many individuals going green.  Because getting educated about anything really, but specifically to this question, green issues is so easy, I think people are aware that we only have one earth to mess around with and she’s fragile and delicate at best.  With the education and information they’ve gleaned from the multitude of resources available, people have realized that there is no magic bullet and that no one else is going to save them or the Earth so they need to take action. 

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