What do we do to kill insects in an eco friendly way?



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    One way to kill insects without hurting the environment is to attract more of the beneficial insects to naturally protect your garden from the insects you don’t want. You can do this by adjusting the pH level of the soil or changing the way that your garden is organized to allow for more sunlight. Some beneficial insects include beetles, lady beetles, and hover flies.

    Another eco-friendly option is to make a natural insect repellent like this one:

    1 clove garlic, crushed

    1 tsp chili powder

    1 tbsp natural dishwashing soap

    1/2 cup water

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    This is an important topic of discussion due to the increased use of certain harmful pesticides that our government has been approving lately, such as methyl iodide in California. Solarization is one alternative to harmful chemicals to kill pests. Solarization is a method of capturing the sun’s radiation to create an unsuitable environment for molds, fungi, weeds, insects, and other unwanted pests. An example of solarization is in the image below:


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