what do manta rays eat?



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    Manta rays eat mostly shrimp and plankton and occassionally small fish. They eat using their gills as a filtration system. While swimming, they suck in water through their mouth, then pass that water through their gills. The gills trap the food that they then consume.

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    Look Ma, no teeth!

    Manta rays eat plankton and tiny fish. Since they have no teeth, feeding can be tricky.  They suck in water through their gills, and then the water passes back out – leaving the fishfood inside to digest. 

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    Manta rays are definitely all about the plankton, with or without cocktail sauce. They devote a great deal of their time moving slowly, in a straight line and filtering water to eat plankton. They can eat up to 60 pounds a food a day. They feed mostly during the night so that is some serious midnight snacking.

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