What do farmers do to keep birds off of their fruit and vegetables?



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    There are a couple of things that I found:

    Flash Tape: it is mylar or foil tape that moves with the wind. The shining from the tape scares the birds away from the crop.

    CD’s (pie plates on a string) this is the same type of concept but on a larger scale

    Netting is a popular option. This is when you drape a net over a plant or berry bush. This will make it so the birds only take a small portion of the food. 

    There is always the scarecrow method. You must remember to move your scarecrow or owl to a new position every few day. 


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    I lived in Hood River, OR for several years.  Cherries are a big deal there.    Each cherry harvest season was brutal on my dog because of the intense gun firing from the farmers.  They actually use scare guns to scare birds away from the harvest.  They go off at random intervals.

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    It can seem impossible to keep the relentless birds from pecking away the delicious fruits and veggies on a farm or garden. A number of methods, including netting the plants, attaching reflective streamers, scarecrows, and recording gun shots and bird noises, are non-lethal approaches., although sometimes the birds quickly outsmart these methods. There are also lethal approaches, including trapping and poisoning the birds, but since other less invasive techniques exist, they should be preferred. Some farmers have exhausted many of these efforts and eventually designated a portion of their fruit crop to the birds, allowing them to eat away at the exposed portion of crop, so the usable crop is left to pick. While visiting a vineyard in Sonoma County in 2008, a grower there explained that by outlining the grape vines with delicious peach trees, the birds’ favorite, they reduced the damage to the grape crop that they really cared about, without causing damage to the ecosystem.

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