What Is The Disadvantage Of Asexual Reproduction?



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    Love and happiness? OK, but seriously. The main disadvantage is genetic diversity. In asexual reproduction, there is no genetic “mixing” going on between two different things. It is only the one, so there is no genetic mixing of the DNA. This decreases genetic diversity. Some species have adapted to their environment better by genetic diversity.

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    The result of sexual reproduction is, like xmanmonk said, a lack of genetic diversity. Not only is genetic variety responsible for adapting to the environment, but it also benefits populations when they are introduced to new diseases. Sexually reproducing species have wider varieties of genes in their gene pool, so when a destructive disease comes along there is a good chance that at least a couple organisms in that population will have the genes to fight it and survive. Asexually reproducing species are nearly all the same, so if a new disease comes along it will likely wipe out all of them.

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