What is a cyber activist?



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    A cyber activist is an activist that does most of their advocating via the Internet. A website is established and the individual or other people, they get get others involved in the issue and become a cyber activist. Pretty straightforward, belowis a website of a cyber activist about Tyson Farms.

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    A pessimistic person might say that a cyber activist is a person who wants to feel good about doing something but is too lazy to get off their computer and do it.

    An optimistic person would say that a cyber activist is a person who is embracing the new ways of communication available to reach a maximum number of people. If enough people pay attention to an online community then often the people it’s trying to persuade will notice.

    The infamous /b/ and Anonymous group are cyber activists (however with very skewed morals) who often are effective because of the number of people involved.

    I’m not supporting Anonymous but it is an example of cyber activism.

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