what is the coolest idea you have seen for a couple making a green wedding?



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    An idea that’s often overlooked but very feasible: donate leftover food instead of throwing it away! This website has many more tips for green weddings.

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    Below is a link to photos of some of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever seen, plus they are GREEN! What could be better? Some great ideas for planning an eco friendly wedding is to have vintage or recycled metal rings, local and organic food, minimal travel, local flowers, living flower arrangements, and zero waste (or as close as possible) just to name a few. I have also included a link to help calculate the carbon footprint of your wedding.

    I am obsessed with succulent bouquets! So beautiful and you can plant them after the wedding!


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    One wedding that is green in a very interesting way involves a couple who paid for their $3,800 wedding by collecting and recycling 400,000 cans. 

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