What is the concept behind Honest Tea?



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    From their website, Honest Tea tells the story of how they came to be – Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff, Yale grad student and professor, respectively, joined forces to create a sweet, thirst-quenching drink to ‘fill the void’ between soda and water.  Nalebuff had visited India to study the tea-making industry and discovered that most American bottled tea used the lowest-quality tea leftovers – NOT quality tea leaves. Basically, Honest Tea set itself apart from the beginning by simply offering a quality product.  In 2008, Coca-Cola bought 40% of the company and sales reached $38M.

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    The Honest Tea company offers freshly brewed and barely sweetened tea, made from completely organic materials. The makers of Honest Tea wanted to “create healthy and honest relationships with customers, suppliers, and the environment.”

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