What city recycles the most?



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    Portland, OR is currently number one in recycling numbers and is known as the “Greenest City.” This includes electricity use, transportation, recycling, and green living. (This is my home and it’s true! Very green city!) 

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    The city that recycles the most is Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love mandates commercial recycling and heavily promotes the practice among its residents. As a result, Philly’s curbside recycling program reached 75,000 tons in 2009, and during the first fiscal quarter of 2010, a record 24,546 tons of waste were recycled – that’s a record! The city is also known to place a great emphasis on other green programs, such as bicycling for transport, composting and carpooling.

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    Santa Monica, California recycles 100% of their recyclable materials.  This is because all materials are sorted in proper recycling categories at the waste management plant.  All waste is hand-sorted, by private companies paid for by their tax dollars.  While this process is labor-intensive, it does take responsibility away from people who would not recycle, and therefore leads to 100% of recycled materials actually getting re-used.

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    Im not sure of who recycles the most, but I know the UK is a low recycling rate compared to other european countries

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