What is Chizca?



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    Chizca is an organic chewing gum from Mexico that is produced from trees in the Yucatan rain forest. Chizca has 40 percent of “gum” ingredients and claims to be made from ancient Mayan techniques. It is available in Whole Foods and other vendors in North America.

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    Chicza is an all organic chewing gum which comes from the Chicle tree. Harvested in Mexico, it comes from the second largest rainforest in America and is sustainably managed, according to their website. The gum is harvested by the Chicleros, a people which have been practicing sustainable rainforest harvesting for decades. To meet pressure imposed by economic and urban growth and expansion, they have found a way to harvest the 100% natural and biodegradable gum which is found in so few products today. By harvesting the gum sustainably, they protect the forests from urbanization and harmful deforestation. 

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