What is causing the changes in weather patterns that we are seeing?



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    Scientists cannot be entirely sure what is causing the apparent rise in “weird” weather recently- such as heat waves and intense floods. Although extreme weather conditions seem to be on the rise recently, there is also evidence that these kind of events are not unprecedented and more serious disasters occurred 100 years ago. There is evidence that the earth has been getting warmer over the last century, so heat waves can be expected to be a result of this, and a rise of hurricanes as well. This question might be read as, What is causing global warming, but the cause of global warming is probably a complex one and not pinned down entirely by scientists.

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    Global warming is increasing temperatures worldwide and melting polar ice caps.  Rising temperatures are credited to carbon emissions.  Natural disasters are another story.  Some scientists think that recent large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis are now occurring more often in populated areas.  So there isn’t necessarily a rise in disasters, just a larger impact on humans.  Earthquakes and eruptions happen daily, especially around the Pacific plates called the ‘Ring of Fire’.  We may never know how tremendous these events are because they are so remote.  Damage seen after earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on land are very different.

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