What can I do to help my dad get rid of all the crap in his garage?



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    Tackling a garage can be a tough job. Start by sorting things, if not spatially at least in your mind. Categorize everything into either “trash”, “donate”, and “sell” or “keep”. Throw a big garage sale. Heck, get the neighbors involved if you like as this tends to draw more shoppers. For what you don’t sell, make sure to have large trash bags handy for hauling it away. Hopefully the problem isn’t so big that you need an extra dumpster, but if so you can rent one. From then on its a matter of organizing whats left so space can be utilized.

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    There’s no doubt about it.  Americans have a constant desire for new things.  Of course, our old things—the furniture, mattresses, carpeting, computers, appliances and office and restaurant equipment—must be hauled away.   Now there’s a company that’s doing it in an eco-friendly way.

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