What is brammo?



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    Brammo is a company that designs and manufactures electric powered motorcycles. The latest model by the company, the Empulse, is capable of going 100 mph and has increased range. The main drawback to to electric motorcycles is they have had limited range, the original model could only go 40 miles on a single charge. Depending on the model Empulse, the range is anywhere from 60 to 100 miles. Brammo uses lithium batteries as environmentally-safe fuel source. The one commercial drawback to electric motorcycles in general, is the lack noise associated with gasoline fueled motorcycles or “rumble.”

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    Brammo is an electric vehicle manufacturing company.  The company is based in Oregon, and was founded by Craig Bramscher in 2002 when he had a hard time finding a suitable high-performance vehicle to fit his 6’3” frame.  You might have seen Brammo’s Enertia model outside select Best Buy stores on the west coast, or seen Jay Leno taking Brammo’s Ariel Atom 2 for a test drive.


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