What is the Blythe Solar project?



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    The (Solar Millennium) Blythe Solar Project is a proposed construction idea to generate solar energy through ‘solar parabolic trough technology’. Basically, a long ‘trough’ of parabolic mirrors harnesses solar radiation and focuses on a point, where it heats up an HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid).  The fluid generates steam, which turns the steam turbines that we’ve all seen before.  The project will take up around six thousand acres in Riverside County, CA.


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    The Blythe Solar project is set to be the largest solar plant in the world.  The power from this plant will double the amount of solar power the U.S. currently can produce.  The capacity of this solar plant is just over 1 gigawatt.  The multi-billion dollar project began in October 2010 and is expected to take up more than 7,000 acres in Riverside County.

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