What is Biodynamic Farming?



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    Biodynamic farming was founded in 1938 and is, “a unified approach to agriculture that relates the ecology of the earth-organism to that of the entire cosmos.” It is designed to look at the farm system as a whole where each part is alive and interacting. There is a focus on maintaining everything that has been used, for example the quality of the soil is fastidiously maintained. To try and sum up, “Biodynamic farming and gardening combines common-sense agriculture, an understanding of ecology, and the specific environment of a given place with a new spiritual scientific approach to the concepts, principles, and practices of agriculture.”

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    Biodynamic Farming is essentially green farming in every sense of the word. This site pretty much explains the techniques and ideals that Biodynamic Farming holds: http://www.biodynamics.com/node/111

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