What is the Bhakra Nangal Project?



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    The Bhakra Dam is located on the Sutlej river in Northern India. The project began in 1946 and was intended to prevent floods in the region but was also used to generate hydro electricity which is a renewable and therefore “green” form of energy. There are 5 generators that are powered by the dam. The dam, finished in the 1970’s, irrigates about 10 million acres of farm land.

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    The Bahkra Nangal Dam is the highest gravity dam in the world. The length of the dam is measured at 518.25 meters, and it is 304.84 meters wide. It holds a reserovir known as the Gobind Sagar which can store up to 9340 million cu m of water. The long reservoir created by the dam is spread over an area of 168.35 kilometers squared. It is the second largest dam after the Indira Sagar dam in Madhya Pradesh. 

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