What is the best way to reduce the population of ground squirrels?

My neighbor has been feeding the local ground squirrels and the population has soared to the point that they are entering our home and garage. The local foxes have reduced the rabbits in the community but the ground squirrel population is soaring. We are seeing more raptors owls and hawks will they help.



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    Birds which eat ground squirrels are one of the most useful tools in reducing populations. It is definitely a good sign if you are seeing more hawks around the area. However, people have little or no control over natural predators, so it is also necessary to look into some other options. The best time to act is in February as this is the breeding time and if you manage to kill off the breeding adults you will see significantly fewer squirrels for the remainder of the year. Poisons and fumigants tend to be the most effective method of removal, but these also take a toll on the environment. My suggestion is trapping and burrow destruction. These are effective ways to reduce populations without destroying natural ecosystems.

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    For that situation, I would actually contact the local authorities and see if there is anything they can legally do to stop the neighbors from feeding them. They are wild animals, so it may be illegal to feed them in your area. If that does not work, then encouraging predators is definitely a way to decrease the population. The large population should do well to attract coyotes, hawks, whatever feeds on them in your area. If you’re lucky enough, maybe the increase in predators will scare your neighbors from continuing to feed the squirrels. To even more effectively control them, you can call in a pest company to trap or poison the squirrels if it does get too out of hand. I used to work with a company that worked with Orkin and Terminix, and I know those are both great pest control companies. Persoanlly shooting them is another option you have, as long as you have the proper permits and are not doing anything illegal.

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    I stumbled on this recipe browsing for answers here.  I followed this link to discover that squirrel dogs are bred to tree squirrels so that hunters can hunt them.  My dog loves to chase squirrels, and has caught and killed them on her own.  She also ate most of the evidence. 

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    You might inform your neighbor that ground squirrels are a source of bubonic plague.  If they dig burrows on your property, try flooding their burrows with soapy water after the squirrels become active in the spring.  The water-logged squirrels that are forced from their burrows will have soap in their eyes and will be easy to capture.

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