What is the best way to kill bacteria from raw chicken juices?



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    Cooking food is typically how any living germs and bacteria are killed. If the juices are heated to boiling temperature, then the bacteria will be dead and you will be safe eating it. It is also always a good idea to wash any kitchen ware that has come into contact with raw chicken, meat, or vegetables because the germs and bacteria can spread easily. Keeping the raw chicken and chicken juices separate from other food will help prevent this spreading. 

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    When cooking chicken, the internal temperature should reach 165 degrees to kill the bacteria.  Utensils, cutting boards, and counter tops should be washed with water at 131 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are antibacterial soaps that will help with killing germs.  Bleach is also a good way to kill bacteria, but it is not the most eco-friendly.

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    According to the USDA, chicken is the #1 species eaten by Americans and the USDA receives thousands of inquiry requests about its safe handling and cooking.  Bacteria can be found on raw or uncooked chicken and multiple rapidly when not refrigerated.  Freezing does not kill bacteria, only thorough cooking.  Chicken should be consumed within 1 to 2 days after purchasing and it is not necessary to rinse raw chicken before cooking.  See USDA recommended chicken cooking times;

    Approximate Chicken Cooking Times
    Type of Chicken Weight Roasting
    350 °F
    Simmering Grilling
    Whole broiler fryer+ 3 to 4 lbs. 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 hrs. 60 to 75 min. 60 to 75 min*
    Whole roasting hen+ 5 to 7 lbs. 2 to 2 1/4 hrs. 1 3/4 to 2 hrs. 18-25 min/lb*
    Whole capon+ 4 to 8 lbs. 2 to 3 hrs Not suitable 15-20 min/lb*
    Whole Cornish hens+ 18-24 oz. 50 to 60 min. 35 to 40 min. 45 to 55 min*
    Breast halves, bone-in 6 to 8 oz. 30 to 40 min. 35 to 45 min. 10 – 15 min/side
    Breast half, boneless 4 ounces 20 to 30 min. 25 to 30 min. 6 to 8 min/side
    Legs or thighs 8 or 4 oz. 40 to 50 min. 40 to 50 min. 10 – 15 min/side
    Drumsticks 4 ounces 35 to 45 min. 40 to 50 min. 8 to 12 min/side
    Wings or wingettes 2 to 3 oz. 30 to 40 min. 35 to 45 min. 8 to 12 min/sid
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    Since bacteria thrives at a pH of over 4.6, using natural acidic products such as apple cider vinegar and lemon juice can effectively and safely combat bacteria. Essential oils like tea tree oil have also been shown to be anti-bacterial. Chemical-based cleaning products that you purchase at a store are often shown to kill 99.9% of bacteria, but it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals to clean your kitchen.

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    In addition to the previous answers, use a bleach and water mixture in a spray bottle to treat any infected surfaces in your kitchen, and wash hand with antibacterial soap. 

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