What is the best way to get rid of fleas on a cat without using harsh chemicals?



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    You can actually do that by just washing your cat with soap and water. The water flow washes some off and the soap suds combined with the water drown the rest. When done, make sure you dry your cat and comb it using a flea comb. This gets rid of any remaining eggs.

    To keep them out of your carpet, it is recommended to vacuum the carpet and then steam clean it. This kills all fleas and eggs.

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    Giving the cat a thorough bath with Dawn dish soap in warm water does the trick to get the fleas off of its body -although she probably won’t be too happy about it! The tricky part is vacuuming away the fleas, eggs, and pupae in the rest of your house.  You’re going to have to vacuum EVERY CLOTH SURFACE in your home… good luck! 

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