What is the best way to get my white clothes white without bleach?



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    There are many methods that you can use to whiten your clothes without bleach. Adding baking soda to your laundry along with your detergent is one way to do it. You can also try vinegar, which you should also use with detergent, though it may leave a smell in your machine for a few days. Hydrogen peroxide and borax can also be used in the same way according to this article. Soaking your clothes in hot water with slices of lemon is also something you can try, but this should be done as a step before laundering.

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    Lemon juice and baking soda go a long way for white clothes, but another interesting and probably the most affordable is to dry your clothes in the sun. The sun can really brighten up your whites and you dont have to pay a dime.

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