What is the best tip for making sure your car gets the most MPG’s that it can?



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    Keeping up with car maintenance can help your car reach it’s full fuel economy potential. Make sure the tires are properly inflated, the engine is running well and the engine oil is changed regularly. A well maintained car can consistently get 10% more MPG than an unmaintained one.

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    Your driving habits are very important to help your vehicle reach its full fuel-efficiency potential.  Using cruise control on flat terrain, while making sure NOT to cruise on hills will increase your efficiency, as will steady, smooth driving – not the aggressive driving we all see around town.  Slamming on the accelerator out of a full stop or slamming on the brake not only put you at a safety risk, but actually cost you money!  Also remember to roll your windows down when traveling in-town at low speeds (if possible), and to keep the windows up while traveling at high speeds.

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