What is the best thing that you have seen someone do for the environment?



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    The invention of solar refrigerator I have seen the best thing not only for the environment but also helping paramedical to save and store the vaccines which can save millions of lives. The ATC Solar Vaccine Refrigerator is certainly robust.

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    I think dedicating one’s life to environmental education, advocacy, and research is very admirable.  On a personal level, sacrificing amenities to mitigate one’s carbon footprint is another example of a commendable lifestyle, as is maintaining carbon neutrality. 

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    A complete lifestyle change is definitely an impressive and commendable environmental gesture. From avoiding unnecessary plastic and packaging, to buying a green home and car, to eating organic and local food, to cutting out non-eco-friendly products and conveniences, changing your lifestyle to better the environment isn’t easy or always convenient. Installing green home fixtures (solar energy and a rainwater system) is also impressive, as these are not necessarily inexpensive. Growing your own food in an organic garden, and composting your food waste, is also a good way to help the environment while saving money. 

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