what is the best green gift to give this Christmas?



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    TreeHugger.Com has compiled a guide for the best green gifts with many categories ranging from Fashion to Toys to Pop culture..Green gifts exist in almost every item there is, you just have to find the green versions. For example, instead of buying a normal bathrobe, you can buy a organic plush one. Instead of regular blocks or a dollhouse for children, you can get them an Eco Town! An Eco Town play set contains of a town with environmental elements such as a wind turbine, a train station to promote public transportation, and bicycles. 

    There are endless possibilities for green gifts.

    Find them all here:http://www.treehugger.com/giftguide/

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    a solar powered robot

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    A letter to the government requesting Obama and his staff be tried for treason and the dismantling of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the C.F.R., and the Federal Reserve. If you do that and we live another couple of years then we will all have a very Merry Green Christmas.    

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    If  you have a family member or loved one who cares about the environment, a donation to a Green charity in his or her name is a fantastic gift!   Some charities, like the World Wildlife Fund, even have a gift shop, where whatever stuffed animal or t-shirt you purchase is a direct donation to help save wildlife around the world!  

     I’ve also included a list of other green charities you might be interested in. Because these groups are mostly not-for-profit and run on donations, you’ll be helping them continue their very important work for this planet’s future. Different people expect different things for the Holidays, but for many, knowing that a difference is being made in their name is a precious gift indeed.

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    Lawrence O’Donnell visited Malowi and found school kids without desks.  Found a local supplier to make them for $ 48.  Bought enough for one classroom – delighted kids unloaded them, set them up, and squeezed 3 into each that was designed for 2.

    He returned to US and started the ball rolling.  Every $ 48. contributed buys a desk, no administration, local employment  in Malowi, delighted kids with their own desks up off the floor.  What a magic, green gift for ANYONE for Christmas. Smaller donations will be combined with others to buy one.

    See for yourself http://thelastword.msnbc.msn.com/

    Christmas love that lasts all year.Lois

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