What are we doing to protect our natural resources?



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    Sustainable forestry practices have been developed to protect our timber resources. These practices include preserving parts of the forest, utilizing all types of wood, and other techniques which ensure that logging does not strip a forest to the point of its disappearance forever.

    The National Park system was created in 1916 and as of today monitors  394 units, including parks, recreation areas, seashores, and even monuments. If you’ve ever ventured to a park like Yosemite, you’d see how careful they are to ensure that natural areas, including trees and animals, are perfectly preserved. When my boyfriend and I tried to take our little chihuahua terrier to the most famous hike in Yosemite, a service member wouldn’t have it! To ensure that ecological processes are not affected, they must closely monitor the impact on natural areas by visitors.

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    Another agency active in resource protection in the US is the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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