What are we doing to keep wild dogs from going extinct?



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    One group of people is trying to fight the good fight in keeping wild dogs in the world through the Wild Dog Foundation, which is trying to provide information and protection for a variety of wild canines.  Particularly, the African Wild Dogs, which are facing the threat of non-existence at a rapid rate because of disease, loss of habitat, and human interference.

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    The African Wild Dog Conservation (AWDC) is dedicated to preserving their habitat in Zambia.  The wild dog is considered one of the continent’s most threatened carnivore.  It has been Red Listed as endangered, and AWDC is hoping that by educational awareness through the wild dog’s plight, they will be able to conserve habitat for other endangered African animals as well.

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    If you are referring to African wild dogs, the African Wild Dog Conservancy has taken some preliminary steps in order to prevent their extinction in the northeastern coastal region of Kenya. This region of Kenya is little-understood due to past civil strife, so they are trying to fill a gap in knowledge about wild dogs. This knowledge gap is filled through collecting and analyzing data on wild dogs and their prey, particularly the endangered hirola. The conservancy has also surveyed local villagers about their attitudes toward wild dogs and is hoping to utilize those attitudes in order to create community-centered programs to train people in survey techniques and help them better understand the wild dogs.

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