What are some of the worst things that humans do for our oceans?



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    Carbon emissions we produce by driving vehicles, heating our homes, etc. are absorbed by oceans, slowly making the oceans more acidic.  As the pH balance is thrown off, it changes many things in the underwater world – the most devastating of which is coral bleaching.  Drilling for oil in oceans, overfishing marine life, and throwing our trash into the ocean are also common human practices that are deteriorating our oceans every day.

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    Litter is a huge cause of animal fatality.  Turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and swallow them, leading to intestinal blockage and eventually death.  Birds, turtles, and other animals get tangled in six pack rings and drown or become impaired.  Albatross chicks are dying by the thousands because their parents feed them bottle caps.  A great trash island is floating in the Pacific, entangling numerous animals.  Nets catch thousands of animals each year, drowning dolphins, turtles, and whales.

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