What are some ways we can make washing our dishes better for the environment?



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    A simple start would be to limit the amount of water used.  Don’t continually run the faucet and make sure that it is not full-blast.  Always load the dish washer to maximum capacity.  There are also eco-friendly dishwashing detergents and soaps available.

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    Other than limiting the amount of water you use to wash your dishes you can:

    • use eco-friendly soap
    • rinse all the dishes at once, instead of one by one
    • use your shower water to rinse the dishes-the trick is to collect the plugged up water and boil it, this one might sound a bit troublesome but I feel like it might be the most effective, – I might just try it!
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    While it’s been said that washing dishes is overall more eco-friendly than using disposable dishes, research shows that they’re actually pretty similar in overall environmental impact.  While using disposable dishes adds to landfill waste (and is more expensive), washing dishes takes an equal toll on water and energy consumption.

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    In addition to washing your dished in a sustainable way, think about the fact that everything you rinse down the drain could get into oceans and water ways. Try to make sure plates are free of food scraps before rinsing them, especially if the food on the plates is not very environmentally friendly (ie. not fruits or vegetables).

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