What are some ways we are trying to reduce the pollution in our oceans?



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    As far as governments go, they are doing very little in the way of institutionalizing pollution in the oceans.  What we can do, though is simply put forethought into what can be accomplished with organizing beach cleanups, and the like.

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    There is a non-profit organization in the U.S. called Clean Ocean Action (COA) which is making strides to clean up our ocean.  Focusing on the New Jersey/ New York coastline, “Clean Ocean Action will identify the sources of pollution and mount an attack on each source by using research, public education, and citizen action to convince our public officials to enact and enforce measures which will clean up and protect our ocean.”  In particular they have closed 8 ocean dumping sights, improved the quality of capping material used to heal the ocean, increased fines for beach litter, and hosted volunteer student summits in which over 10,000 people have attended.

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