What are some steps to stop global warming?



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    The biggest and brightest step that could be taken would be to try by all means to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.  Individuals can do this by simply thinking a bit further about their everyday lives, and deciding on a “greener” method.  Instead of taking a car to work, why not the bus?–or walking?–or riding a bicycle?

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    Everyone (and every business and organization) is at a different stage in the journey. The first step for many is building an awareness of their own carbon footprint. Seek professional advice on this. “Back of the envelop” carbon calculators are too rudimentary to give you any confidence. You also need professional guidance to determine the most effective way to reduce emissions. This is as much a financial question as it is an environmental one. It takes new thinking to decide how best to approach this challenge – the greatest challenge we have ever faced! We can all make a difference, and it’s absolutely worthwhile that we do.

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    Becoming a vegetarian is a huge step in preventing climate change. Methane gas is the largest non-CO2 contributor to global warming. It is having a larger effect on the atmosphere than all other non-CO2 greenhouse gases combined. This is largely due to mass agriculture, where hundreds of cows release methane during digestion. 85% of methane emissions are the result of this process. Then, the animal excreta is left in huge “lagoons” where further evaporation occurs. Becoming a vegetarian is one of the best ways to reduce global warming within your lifetime. 

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