What are some realistic alternatives to using methyl bromide and methyl iodide for growing strawberries on a large scale?



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    The alternatives are not as economically viable as methyl iodide but they are worth considering because the negative health effects on workers and communities from methyl iodide are longterm and likely to cause immeasurable harm. Some of the alternatives include natural pesticide control (planting certain crops like mustard and broccoli which naturally repel insects), disinfecting using anaerobic soil, and solarization. Although these methods are not as effective as harsh chemicals are, policies could be changed to provide incentives to farmers who use these alternative approaches because of the benefits to health and wellness for everyone. Simply put, we need to focus on supporting community health rather than ensuring higher profits. The government has the power to enact policies that support farmers in non-toxic pesticide use. Why isn’t this our priority? The reason is because the huge chemical company that produces these harmful pesticides used corporate lobbyists to ensure their interests were preserved.

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