What are some natural resources in America that we are using too much of?



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    “too much” is fairly subjective. We (USA) consume about 85 distinct mineral-based resources, of which we have net import dependence at some level for 65 of them. For about 25, that import dependency is more than 75% of US consumption and for 19, it is 100%, including such things as manganese (in normal dry-cell batteries, and steel construction), rare-earth elements (in cell phones, TVs, computers, and much more), bauxite (the only commercial ore of aluminum), indium (necessary in flat-panel technology), and arsenic (used in semiconductors for LEDs and other high-tech applicatons). Oil, helium, and phosphorus are among the resources that have relatively short-term problem scenarios unless something changes fairly drastically soon. One could easily also make the case that we consume too much water.

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