What are some initiatives that have been taken to encourage bicycle use in the US?



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    There are many companies that are coming up with creative incentives in order to get their employees to drop the pump and pick up their bicycles.

    Some companies are providing showers, indoor bike parking, lockers, and some are even giving money! Some companies in Europe are even offering an extra week of vacation time for their employees who are avid bike riders.

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    Also, on an actual government standpoint, state and city governments are pushing forward and spending millions of dollars to put bicycle lanes on the roadways.  A specific case is of Fort Worth, Texas, which is trying to put bike lanes on roadways and direct signage for bicyclists: as well as new bike laws.  If you want to read on that, the second search option on my google search leads you to an instantly downloadable PDF on the matter.

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    The is a long list of initiative being taken to encourage bicycling (though it is not universal across the country): Governments have been making streets more bicycle friendly and added bicycle parking facilities.  Some business have been providing better bicycle parking and provided lockers and showers for bike commuters. There are also promotions like bike-to-work day, bike-to-work weeks and bike months, bicycle film festivals, celebrity bike rides, media coverage of bicycling, etc.  It all helps puts bicycle in front of people and remind them that they have a choice.

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