What are some green policies that Boulder Colorado has?



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    The state of Colorado pioneered the idea of mandating a percentage of state energy to be renewable, when Amendment 37 was affirmed and adopted in 2004. The city of Boulder has standard policies for improving the environment, such as illegal littering and mandatory recycling. There are also a number of Boulder businesses  that have adopted green policies. Sunflower Corp of Boulder matches its award funds and uses the profit to place day-lighting systems in public buildings. Hybrids Plus in Boulder is currently working to modify EV technology, in such a way that current hybrid models can be converted to utilize smart grid, plug-in technology. Finally, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, headquartered in Boulder, has made a slough of eco-friendly commitments, including low-lighting in rooms, optional linen and turndown service to reduce water use and the implementation of Green Committees at each site, to ensure the practice of green policies. 

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