What are some fun facts about Barn Owls?

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    -The barn owl has a face unique to other types of owls: they have no ear tufts, face is heart-shaped, white, and rimmed with a tan lining.

    -Baby barn owls (called owlets) are covered with thick white fur for six days.

    Picture from http://www.desertusa.com/june97/du_barnowl.html.


    -Barn owls are more nocturnal than other owls, waiting until dark to hunt. Retires to shadows and enclosed spaces (old buildings, hollow trees, etc.) where they are drowsily inactive during the day.

    -Barn owls are one of the most widely distributed owls, found in every continent.

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    Barn owls have been referred to as the Monkey-faced owl. That’s fun fact. Also the White Owl, Ghost Owl and Night Owl (which seems redundant). Labratory experiments have show they can catch prey in total darkness.

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    By building a nest box to lure a barn owl to stay in your area, you can help control the rodent population.  Nest boxes can be built with PVC or by cutting a hole in a plastic drum and affixing it in a tree.

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