What are some examples of invasive species?



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    Invasive species is a term used to describe any non-native plant or animal species that adversely affects the habitat it occupies (or invades).   Some common vertebrate examples are the European Starling and the wild boar.  Invertebrate examples include the Mediterranean/Mexican Fruit Flies, Cactus Moth,  and Red Imported Fire Ant.  Plantlife examples include Witchweed, St. Johnswort, and the Musk Thistle – you can see a more extensive list of invasive species at the link below.

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    One of the most obnoxious invasive plants in the US Pacific Northwest and northern plains is spotted knapweed.

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    If you live in Canada or the United States, you’ll be familiar with the House Sparrow, a small brown bird that originally came from Europe.  The bluebird used to be very common in North America, but the Sparrow out-competed it, leaving sightings of the bluebird very rare. 

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