What are some cool products made from old shipping pallets?



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    Readymade magazine actually ran a contest for the best ideas in reusing shipping pallets – the winners included a raised garden bed, picnic set, and (my favorite) a coffee table.  Check out http://www.readymade.com for all the submissions.



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    A group of architects in South Africa constructed a “Slum Tube”, a low cost housing unit made of recycled wooden pallets. The materials include clay and straw which help insulate it. Although beams are required for support, the pallets compose the floor, walls,ceiling and cladding of the structure. 

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    There is a lot of really neat furniture that can be made out of old shipping pallets.  It seems like it would be relatively easy to make a bed, chair, or coffee table.  I’m also surprised how many settings this type of furniture can look good in.  The link below has many pictures of furniture made out of crates.

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    In an effort to remodel his house with recycled materials, my brother used old shipping pallets as siding for his house, and repairs on his porch!

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    I lived on an eco-hostel in Hawaii for six months. We used old pallets to make raised beds for greens. By stacking the pallets and then filling the top one with cardboard and then soil, we were able to grow food. The fact that it was raised kept pests from eating the greens. The columns made great dividers to seperate the different greens as well. Also, you can just use on pallet on the ground for a quick raised bed. It is very easy and pallets are usually free!

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