What are some benefits of eco friendly jobs?



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    Most eco friendly jobs pay fairly well, are interesting and rewarding, and allow you to feel good by knowing you are being paid to help protect the earth. Also, there is a large variety of jobs that would be considered “eco friendly”, so you are not limited and have many options. Some of them are not even what people would obviously assume right away as “eco friendly”.

    Here are a few eco-friendly jobs:

    -Hydrologists (median annual income: $51,000)

    -Environmental Engineer (median annual income: $50,000)

    -Conservation Biologist (median annual income: $52,480)

    -Science Teacher (median annual income ranges from $41,000 to $46,000)

    -Fund-raising Director (median annual income: $45,000)

    -Ecologist (median annual income: $69,000)

    And the list goes on..

    To see the rest of the amazing eco-friendly careers, go here: http://www.careerbuilder.com/Article/CB-556-Job-Search-25-Jobs-That-Let-You-Go-Green/

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    Eco-friendly jobs are an important part of preserving the earth’s natural resources and our standard of living.  With environmental concern on the rise, these jobs are actually becoming quite rewarding financially as well as mentally.  Eco-friendly jobs will allow our race to research and apply sustainable methods for agriculture, energy, and more.  Without eco-friendly jobs and the people who choose to dedicate their lives to them, our world as we know it will eventually fail.

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