What are the pros and cons of putting in a greywater recycling system?



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    Some of the pros to a greywater system are: less wasting water = lower water bills, can be used to watch plants and can actually be better than tap water for plants, diminished flow to the sewer system which often gets backed up and flows into local water system (oceans, rivers etc). Some cons are: if you use any products that aren’t biodegradable they will end up in the gray water and can kill your plants, its possible that health issues could occur depending on products used and how long you let grey water sit.

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      it is not good to water plants that are going to be eaten using greywater. Toxic microorganisms can travel throughout the plant, and eventually be eaten by whomever would be picking fruits or vegetables.

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      This is an incorrect statement. All soil contains some level of bacterial contamination (including pathogens). Based on your statement, any edible plant would be unsuitable for human consumption.

      The only risk from using greywater for plant irrigation is surface contamination. If the fruit / vegetable is eaten raw without cleaning there would be a risk of bacteria to mouth transfer.

      Modern techniques such as sub mulch greywater irrigation remove the risk from all edible plants except for root vegetables. If these vegetables are cooked the bacteria is removed. Care should be taken with root vegetables that may be eaten raw (carrots / scallions etc) for more info goto http://www.thegreywaterguide.com

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    As far as pros go:

    Greywater recycling systems can relieve pressure from water filtration plants, septic tanks, and fresh water reserves.

    Since greywater can be used to give thirsty plants a drink, water bills will be dropped dramatically, leaving fresh water to be used on cooking and drinking.

    A few cons include:

    Greywater only lasts for 24 hours before becoming black water.

    It is not good to water plants that are going to be used for eating with greywater, as microorganisms can pass into one’s fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

     The citation below points out a few other factors to take into consideration.

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