What are the potential benefits of Inrekor?



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    Inrekor’s main selling point is new light-weight material that will make cars 15 to 30 percent lighter. The material is also strong enough to pass safety standards in Europe.  And I hope you are sitting down GreenAnswers’ readers, the new material is 100 percent recyclable. Obviously with lighter materials cars will have better fuel efficiency.

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    According to their website, their chasis can weigh as little as 60 grams, which is substantially lighter than the chasis most of us drive around on.  A lighter chasis allows the car to weigh less, which should allow for a gain in fuel economy.  Inrekor’s chasis also require less materials and less energy to produce and can be made in less time than a normal car chasis.  Time will tell if Inrekor’s claims can be substantiated, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for an industry that has shown little regard for the environment.  

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