What are 10 ways mountain communities can be affected by trash?



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    I don’t know if you mean trash blowing around the street or what they do with their garbage.  Litter is very different from household trash, but both can be a problem.

    1. eyesore
    2. tourism rates drop because of unclean surroundings
    3. possible pollution of drinking water sources
    4. limited places where disposal is available
    5. rivers and lakes cannot be used for recreation
    6. forest fires could be started from glass bottles
    7. plastic bags or six pack rings entangle animals
    8. animals come to eat garbage
    9. animals then rely on garbage for food
    10. animals may attack people to get food reward

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    Using a specific example, students made it their pledge to pick up trash on a polluted mountain in Lombok, Indonesia.

    -Tourism economy was greatly affected negatively by the trash on the mountain.

    Other possible problems that can occur, though:

    -Plant life on the mountain, or the areas below the mountain can become damaged.

    -Weather conditions can be affected by acid rain.

    -Animals can become hurt and/or killed from trash.

    -People can have health issues.

    -Farming crops can be improbable from the poisoned soil content.

    -Surrounding towns (below the mountain) can suffer from health issues from the air sweeping down from the mountains on the windward side.  (Like second hand smoke.)

    -Acid rain and the pollutants that it contains can work their way into the soils of the surrounding towns.

    -Animals begin to rely on garbage for food, and have known to attack people in desperation.

    -People then hunt the animals down; thus, taking the animal population down dramatically.




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