What animal is the most closest to an human?



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    monkey It is thought that we evoleved frome them

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    Apes are the most closely related animals to humans – both apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys) and humans are known as primates, and DNA is very similar.  Non-primate animals that have been said to be closely linked to humans via DNA evidence include shrews and bats.

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    We are the most similar to the chimpanzee family.  96% or their genetic makeup is the same as ours.  Our characteristics are closer to them than any other animal in the animal kingdom, such as our social habits and ability to manipulate tools.

    A common misconception is that humans evolved directly from chimpanzees.  Our main theory is humans and chimps once had a common ancestor, and we split off and evolved seperately around 6 million years ago.

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    And when it comes to the chimpanzee family, we’re slightly closer to bonobos than chimpanzees, though the two are more closely related to each other than us.

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