what is all the good ways that vegetables can help or harm your body?



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    Health Benefits:

    -Isothiocyanates, which are found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, watercress and brussel sprouts have been linked to the suppression of prostate, stomach and colorectal cancer. 

    -The intake of green-yellow vegetables just once a week can reduce the risk of a stroke by 26% in men and women.

    -The antioxidants in leafy vegetables have been linked to the reduction of cataract problems in older people, by preventing the oxidation of proteins and lipids in the lenses of the eye. 

    -Lutein, found in broccoli and spinach, has been linked to reducing the risk of ovarian cancer. 

    Health Risks

    -The health risks associated with vegetables are far less numerous than the benefits. For one, pickled vegetables are high in sodium, and have been linked to certain cancer causing compounds. Cruciferous vegetables are also known to contain thyroid inhibitors, which can lead to goiters. 

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