What affect of removing a Barn Owl from an ecosystem would it have on other organisms?

Trying to find an answer to this but can’t find one! Please help!



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    The barn owl is at the top of its food web – it preys on several species, including most small ground mammals, as well as bats, frogs, lizards and insects.  It has no natural predators.  Removing a predator from the top of a food chain creates what is known as a trophic cascade – if no barn owls exist to eat the mice, shrews, lizards, etc. then the population of those species will increase.  With the increase of mice, shrews and lizards, their natural prey like plants and insects will DECREASE.  The removal of the barn owl from a food web (ecosystem) will directly increase the population of the animals directly below it, and indirectly decrease the abundance of the animals/plants two levels down.

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