Watering and fertizing newly transfered Queen palms

2 days ago I transferred three 15 foot queens from one my neighbors yard. How often and how much should I water considering I placed a thick layer of mulch around each base? I watered them when first installed and 2 days later. The soil was still moist on top from the first watering but not wet. Also, they were somewhat neglected and have some yellowish leaves. I’m using some B vitamin for shock every 10 days (2 tablespoons per gallon..is that enough vitamin and often enough?), should I also be using any type of fertilizer to assist in the transfer process or wait some time for them to establish?



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    Queen palms should be watered about 3 times a week during summers and 2 times a week during winters. You should use fertilizer that contains iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and nitrogen, and the fertilizer should be applied twice a year (it is recommended to do it in March and July). When fertilizing, place the fertilizer in a ring about 2 feet from the tree rather than around the base, so that it reaches the roots. Manganese is the most important nutrient they need, so if you can’t get your hands on the rest, make sure to give it some manganese at the very least. Pruning is another thing you should not forget about when taking care of your transferred trees. Pruning should be done during September and the beginning of November, and it is recommended that only yellow and brown fronds be pruned, so I would prune those yellow leaves off.

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      Thanks Ducky. Does your watering schedule apply to newly transferred queens? Should I fertilize NOW or wait until say march? I will prune off the yellow branches. I imagine it does no harm to also trim off the dead branch bases that were left on the trunk length?

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      If the trees were previously neglected, I would fertilize now just so they can catch up on the nutrients they may have been missing out on. As for the watering, yes, use that schedule. The trees really only need more water than that when they are first being planted and are trying to sprout.

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