Was the United States the first company to give people money for recycling?



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    You must mean “the first country.”

    America witnessed some of the pioneering efforts to pass container-deposit legislation. (Strictly speaking, this isn’t the US giving or paying people money when they recycle. It involves consumers paying a deposit when they buy a certain container – e.g., an extra five cents for a can of soda – and getting that deposit back when they recycle the container.)

    However, America was not the first country to do so. According to the Container Recycling Institute, Canada – specifically, its province of British Columbia – was the first country where container-deposit legislation passed. BC’s Litter Act of 1970 predated Oregon’s similar bill of 1971.

    In today’s era, we may see countries create further financial incentives to encourage recycling. Private sector agents like RecycleBank have begun to do likewise.

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