Was Teddy Roosevelt a true environmentalist?



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    Teddy Roosevelt was indeed a true environmentalist and conservationist. Not only that, but he was one of the first and paved the way for future generations of earth lovers. He is known for setting aside land for national forests, establishing wildlife refuges, developing the farmlands of the American West, and advocating protection of natural resources. He was focussed on future generations and the condition of the earth they would inherit.

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    It is beyond a doubt that Teddy Roosevelt was a conservationist. He certainly did much for the preservation of forests and creating wildlife refuges that survive to this day. As far as being an environmentalist that is harder to say. He was a proponent of big business and did stuff to ensure the government had power of business (trust busting) but did not stop industrial pollution. Conservationist yes, was Roosevelt a eco-warrior at the expense of the industry? That is harder to determine. In saying that Roosevelt’s accomplishments for conservation is not to be dismissed.

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