Is wall paper better for the environment than paint?



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    Actually, both are pretty comparatively kosher with the environment as long as cloth or paper wallpapers are used; as opposed to vinyl.  There are even organic paints!  Now, as consumers, we look to cost.  Organic wallpapers can be put up with wheat paste, which is a strong, natural adhesive, and the paper is roughly inexpensive, but you can’t just paint over it easily if you’re unhappy with the Fung Shui.  Organic paints are more expensive, but easier to change.  I would advise going with the pros/cons of both and see what matches your preferences.

    The first site cite goes over the comparisons of choosing good, environmentally friendly wallpapers/ paints; the second gives pros and cons of both.

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    It really depends on the type of wallpaper or paint. There are many organic wall papers and non-toxic paints available. Therefore, you can find either in an eco-friendly variety, you just have to know where to look.

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    Like the previous answers have said it depends on which type of wallpaper or paint you buy. In terms of price, paint is less than wallpaper. There are many types of eco friendly types of paints available and that are free of violatle organic compunds or VOCs (the source of headaches and respitory problems for some people). I recommend look for water-based paints. Here are some brands:

    • The Freshaire Choice Paint
    • Mythic Non-toxic paint
    • Old Fashioned Milk Paint

    For wallpaper look for ones that say they are not made with vinyl. Also, check out wall coverings such as eco-friendly wall plaster!

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