is the universe expanding?



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    Yes, it is believed by astronomers to be expanding. In 1929, astronomer Edwin Hubble measured the shifts of light from stars and noticed that the stars are moving farther away. It is obviously a very slow movement, but the only explanation is that the universe is indeed expanding.

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    Yes, and this fact was discovered by Edward Hubble in the 1920’s. By observing stars at the Mount Wilson Observatory, he realized that the light coming from stars that were farther away looked redder. Since this redness was the only constant difference in the light between the stars that were farther away and the closer stars, Hubble suspected this was caused by an increase in the space between stars over time. Because the space between stars had grown longer, the wavelength of the stars’ light had grown longer, making the light look more red. This was only confirmed in 2000, when an extensive survey of this phenomenon (known as redshifting) was conducted. Interestingly enough, the universe may be expanding faster due to the presence of so-called “dark energy.” 

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