Is Tidal Energy a sustainable way to produce power?



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    In a theoretical sense, absolutely.  The power of the tides is a renewable energy source that will not be depleted as long as we have the gravity of the moon acting as a force on our planet.  However, the technology is still expensive and in its infancy, so there are still some kinks to work out.  It may be too soon to call tidal power “technically” sustainable, but hopefully, in the future, it will be an excellent source of renewable energy.

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    Yes, tidal power is a renewable source of electrical power that is used in addition to other sources of energy. It does not create any emissions that may contribute to global warming. Tidal power is not entirely the most consistent source of electricity though, as it does not adhere to peak usage schedules, due to daily tidal cycles (differing energy harnessing potential between Ebb and Flood tides). Tidal energy is most sustainable and beneficial as a tool in a larger tool belt of renewable energy sources needed to meet our energy demands.Tidal turbines

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